Why Do Relationships Fail?

There’s no doubt relationships are hard work at the best of times.  They take nurturing, compromise and a good dose of flexibility if there’s any chance of surviving the test of time.  Whilst there’s not a rule book or blueprint for ensuring a relationship will endure, there are certainly a number of things that are definite relationship killers and should be avoided if you value your relationship’s viability.

No-one Likes a Cheater

Cheating is without a doubt the quickest way to kill a relationship. Private Investigators suggest that cheating is alive and thriving, with approximately 60% of men and 45% of women admitting to an affair in their relationship or marriage.  Statistics are similar around the world. The very few that do survive the aftermath of cheating, do so with a great deal of effort, time and the knowledge that although you may be eventually forgiven for your indiscretion it is unlikely to be forgotten using free sex sites.

Are You On The Same Page?

Having different goals or realizing that your goals have changed can cause a couple to drift apart.  This may be due to different work aspirations or having different ideas about commitment.  Whatever the reason, if communication is lacking you can find yourselves wanting different things.  Be clear about what you want from the relationship and don’t rush things or you’re likely to find the relationship won’t last.

Leave The Past In The Past

Bringing up past mistakes, obsessing over the ex, or holding a grudge from a past argument are all ways to put tension on a relationship if not completely kill it off. The best thing about the past is that it allows us to learn from our mistakes and take that knowledge into our future relationships.  A relationship has no chance of flourishing if it is not seen as unique and can develop naturally.

Be Tolerant and Don’t Let Things Get Stale

It is very easy once we pass the honeymoon stage of a relationship to start taking each other for granted, become complacent and less tolerant of each other’s annoying habits, and let’s face it we all have them.  We naturally tend to be more tolerant and attentive in the early stages so as the relationship matures it is important to be respectful of your differences and make a conscious effort to take time out for each other to keep the relationship alive.

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Life Gets In The Way

There seems to be so many demands on our time these days that it’s not surprising that every day stresses can take a toll on our relationships.  Everything from work commitments, children, financial issues and even the division of domestic labour can put strain on a relationship.  Constant stresses can have a dramatic effect on your mood and also your libido.  For this reason it is important to look after yourself.  Treat yourself; take time out just for you, whatever that may be.  It is unlikely that you can nurture a relationship if you don’t take time to nurture yourself.  The lack of time may make big gestures difficult but relaxing with a cup of coffee or taking ten minutes to meditate can really make a difference. What’s important is not so much what you do but that you do something kind for yourself, as this will affect the health of your relationship.

Try To Connect With Your Partner’s Loved Ones

This includes friends as well as family.  These people are often a major part of anyone’s life so tension between them and you could have a damaging effect on your relationship.  It doesn’t mean that you’re expected to get on with everyone but tolerance and tactfulness may be required to keep the waters calm.  When there are tensions present to simply agree to disagree is a good course to follow.  Many of us have had to deal with interfering friends and family but the degree to which you
value your relationship will definitely impact how you handle this.  In difficult situations remember to take a deep breath before you react.  It may just save your relationship.


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